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12 Jun 2022 - Hiraya 1st Birthday, new official visual reveal

Today is Hiraya’s official birthday, June 12! Coincidentally it’s Independence Day in the Philippines.

New official visual revealed today, illustrated by Chorvaqueen. You can use this illustration in your works provided you follow Hiraya’s ToS!

Click here to download Hiraya’s official artwork collection.

Cover song details:

11 May 2022 - Hiraya 1st Anniversary

Today is Hiraya’s 1st anniversary! To celebrate, a special outfit has been revealed!

Outfit is heavily inspired by the Flores de Mayo / Santacruzan festival held every May in the Philippines, plus with a space theme added in.

Cover song details:

01 Apr 2022 - (April Fools') New voice bank release & design reveal

Introducing Hiraya’s new voice bank and design update, “j3j3m0n”. Careful research has been done to capture authentic the 2000s Filipino subculture.

Demo details:

    • Song: “Kabet” by Gagong Rapper
    • Cover: Chorvaqueen

20 Aug 2021 - New voice bank release
Hiraya’s soft-type voice bank “mayumi” has been released. It has a whispery tone suitable for mellow songs. A new visual for Hiraya’s mayumi voice bank has also been revealed.

Release demo details:

31 May 2021 - Download mirrors
A few individuals reported the mediafire link not working on their end so additional mirrors were added.
11 May 2021 - Voicebank Release
Hiraya’s voicebank was released.
It’s available for download here.

Release demo details:

There is a soft-type voicebank in development, you can listen to the teaser demo here.

Age: 26
Birthday: June 12
Height: 5’4″ (162.56 cm)
Weight: 63 kg
Nationality: Filipino
Illustrator: Chorvaqueen

“Ang Diwatang Mangkukulam”

A fairy witch. Now living among the modern society, fascinated by human interaction. Likes karaoke when no one’s looking.

Hiraya is an ancient Tagalog word that roughly means “imagination” or “dream“.
✧Hiraya’s outfit is an homage to the female Ragnarok Online Priestess class. It’s one of the author’s favourite video game, ever.
✧Her long hair is loose at the tips like the Balete tree. These trees are said to house supernatural beings in local folklore.
✧Voice provider is from the Southern Tagalog region.
✧Hiraya is Ace.
✧Before release, Hiraya’s voice bank was called “june 2020 recordings” or “Chorva’s tagalog utau” during development.

Language: Tagalog
Format: CVVC
Recorded pitches: F3, C4, E4, B4, D5
Recommended vocal range: D3~F5
A deep and mature feminine voice-type.
Alternate download links: [GDrive] [MEGA]

Language: Tagalog
Format: CVVC
Recorded pitches: A3, D4, G4
Recommended vocal range: F3~B4
A soft and whispery voice.
Alternate download links: [GDrive] [MEGA]
All samples were rendered with UTAU’s default features to give a fair demonstration of the voice.
Recommended resampler and flags: moresampler 0.8.4 with “e” flag. The “Mo” flag can be used to improve Tagalog pronunciation.
Additional information:
Voice Provider: Chorvaqueen | OTO configuration: MangoSiRyan12 | Microphone: Samson GO| Reclist: Click Here

Please refrain from using artwork by other artists without their explicit permission.

Support Hiraya by availing official goods. Proceeds will go to further development and content creation.

✧No offensive, nasty, and illegal stuff.
✧Commercial use is OK for voice-only projects with credit.
✧Commercial projects involving the character image need permission or a license.
✧NSFW content is okay, keep it tasteful and don’t send unsolicited NSFW content to the author.
Any information about Hiraya outside this website or official social media accounts is unofficial and may be inaccurate.

Actual TL;DR terms below, I promise I didn’t write these to scare you from using my UTAU.

Official content usage guidelines:
✧You may use and edit official media for your projects provided it’s not violating this ToS.
✧Refrain from rehosting official assets without any transformative input. Exception would be wikis/databases for informational purposes.
✧Please link to this page ( when sharing the voice bank. Refrain from using direct download links.

Derivatives/fanworks guidelines:
Do not make recolours/edits of this character with the intention of passing it off as a different and unrelated character.
Do not use the voice bank (or edit it) to represent a different and unrelated character with the intention of making a fanloid.
✧Changing the character’s age/appearance for a specific purpose is allowed as long as it doesn’t violate ToS.
✧Headcanons are okay as long as it does not violate ToS.
✧Distribution of modified OTO configuration files for the voice bank is allowed.
✧Translation of official content or the ToS is allowed for informational purposes but it is considered unofficial.
✧Permission might be required to use 3rd party Hiraya content (ex: fanart). Please consult their respective authors.

Prohibited list:
Do not use the character image or voice bank for offensive content.
✦✦Promoting violence and terrorism.
✦✦Promoting hatred and bigotry. (ex: homophobia, transphobia, racism)
NSFW content is allowed but with these conditions:
✦✦Must not contain offensive themes
✦✦Does not involve minor characters
✦✦Must be tagged as #NSFW and do not send unsolicited NSFW content to the author.
✧Hiraya’s character image or vocal data may not be used for NFTs/web3/blockchain related activies.
✧Do not change the character’s Filipino ethnicity.
Do not port the voice bank samples to other engines without explicit permission. UTAU frontends are okay.
Using the voice bank samples for AI vocal synthesis training in any form without permission is prohibited.
Do not redistribute the voice bank elsewhere PUBLICLY without permission.
✦✦In case there is a temporary disruption in file hosting service, a private distribution is permitted.
✧Do not use the character image or voice bank that may violate UTAU’s ToS.

Commercial use guidelines:
Voice usage only = OK with no permission required, voice bank credit is required.
Voice + Character usage = Please ask for permission or buy a license.
✧Official illustrations may be used for commercial projects BUT only limited to music video assets, audio file image thumbnails, or physical CD covers.
✧Official illustrations may not be used for other forms of physical merchandise without the explicit permission of Chorvaqueen.
Character usage for purposes of doujin/fanmerch = Please ask for permission or buy a license.
No further permission required for small run fanmerch (not more than 12 pieces total).

✧Hiraya’s voice bank is designed for the Tagalog language only. It’s not guaranteed to be compatible with other languages.
✧Hiraya’s voice bank has not been tested with all known UTAU resamplers, results may vary.
✧Author is not responsible for damages caused by obtaining Hiraya’s voice bank/assets from unofficial sources.
✧The author wrote these terms with the best of their ability, please feel free to contact them for clarifications.

Twitter: @hiraya_utau
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