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4th and final report. I have donated the remaining money to a fundraiser that will benefit the families of DPWH employees who perished in the typhoon clearing operations.


After purchasing the third batch of canned goods, we had 1,069.51 Philippine pesos left. The remaining money was donated to a fundraiser benefitting the families of the DPWH employees who perished doing clearing operations (news article).

The fundraiser managed to raise 403% of the initial goal. Because of the extra funds, 2 more beneficiaries were added including a man who was severely burned from electrocution after attempting to rescue a woman from floodwaters. (News tweet in English, warning: graphic photo).

[Link of the fundraiser]

Organiser Ms. Krizette Chu showing proof of the funds raised before being distributed to the families.

[Link of the funds distributed to the families]


Here’s the proof I donated the remaining money to the fundraiser.

After this transaction, all of the funds have been donated and that concludes my doodle donation drive.

I would like to thank everyone who supported my donation drive. I would also like to thank the donors for their immense patience as I faced a few setbacks doing this. I got into a minor bike accident in late November 2020 which made drawing a bit difficult. Then mid-December 2020 to late January 2021, I had to deal with paperwork regarding my visa extension and it was emotionally draining worrying about my visa status during the pandemic. Despite all that, I’m very thankful to pull these off.

Please do not do that.