This page serves as an archive for this donation drive.

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All of the funds have been completely donated, please see reports below on how the funds were spent:

Report 1 – 100 cans of sardines donated

Report 2 – 300 cans of sardines donated

Report 3 – 300 cans of sardines donated

Report 4 – remaining funds donated to a fundraiser


TL;DR: Donate at least $1 and I will doodle your request on your selected slot.


*Although quick disclaimer that I can’t draw Furry, Mecha or IRL caricatures that well


*Please take note of time zones if I’m not responding right away.

Scroll down for instructions, transparency reports, details, FAQ, and timeline.

*image is compressed using PNGquant for space (I’ll post a higher quality version once I’m done)



1.) DM me on Twitter, @Chorvaqueen.

2.) Tell me what slot number(s) do you wish to take and what you want me to doodle. $1 = 1 slot (except special slots). You can avail more slots by donating more. If you wish to donate more than $1 for a single slot, please let me know as well. (some people in the past did this already and I’m very grateful) Slot reservation is a first come, first served basis–(it only counts when you finally donated for the slot).

In consideration of our difference time zones, I will hold on to your slot(s) for at least 24 hours otherwise they’ll be freed up again for anyone else to claim.

IMPORTANT: When it comes to providing a request description, assume I am uncultured about the subject. Please provide details like expression/pose and possible interactions if you have multiple requests. However, remember I’m speedrunning the doodles so please be reasonable with your requests. If you avail multiple slots/characters, let me know the order they’ll be drawn otherwise I will draw them in the order you wrote.

Tell me if you wish to be credited with your @ or be anonymous.

If for some reason you don’t want a doodle request, please say “Donation Only + slot #” in your message. I will at least write your name (unless you wish to be anon) in the slot and insert a placeholder image.

3.) Donate through my ko-fi. Donations are now closed, please don’t send more money even if you have good intentions. (accounting headache, sorry!)
4.) I will doodle your request and update the image above. You will receive a cropped portion of your doodle request through DM. Please manage your expectations with the doodle quality as I try to do these as fast as I could.


I plan to purchase relief goods every time I reach at least 1000 pesos (in its USD equivalent) then have them delivered to donation drop off points. The money will be used to buy canned goods and other essential relief items such as facemasks (we are still in a pandemic).

I will publish the money trail and the goods I purchased here and on Twitter. Here’s an example of a test purchase I did on Nov. 14 2020 to see if I can donate from overseas. The goods will be delivered to a drop off point. (The address below is public information, this is not doxx).

Purchased from a canned goods company via Lazada storefront.


I’m currently living in Auckland, New Zealand but I wanted to help the current situation in the Philippines. I still have a working Philippine phone number and bank account so I can access local shops and order online. I’ve sent an initial order of relief goods, but I wish to raise more funds to help. This is where you can come in and help.

Why only a dollar?

A dollar could go a long way in the Philippines. It could buy at least 2 cans of sardines and maybe a few eggs. If you feel like donating, you’re more than welcome to donate more than a dollar and I really appreciate that!

Can I just Paypal you the money?

Please do not do that. It seems Paypal rolled out a new policy some time ago that charges a $5 fee (or in its equivalent currency) if a transfer happened between accounts not in the same country. I own a Philippine Paypal account. Sending the donation via ko-fi will minimise the fees.

What happens after all slots are full?

I think I will take a break. I’ll also put up the finished pic in 4k resolution, free to download for everyone.

When do I expect my doodle?

With the volume of requests coming in, I’d say it might take a while so please be patient and understanding. I have logged all requests on a Trello board and they will be fulfilled in the order I received them. Once I confirm your donation, I will put your request on queue.

Chorva, why are you offering these for cheap?

I know time’s been rough lately so I want to make it accessible for people who wish to donate. I’m targetting this donation drive at people who can spare a dollar or two. But please look after yourself first! If you can’t donate, a retweet/share goes a long way and I truly appreciate it!

Can I use the art I requested in this group pic?

Short answer, feel free to use them as your icon or whatever fits the purpose.

While I offer these for cheap, please do not take advantage of the current situation (ex. selling the art I drew for you). If you wish to commission me art outside this donation drive, please look at my commission page. Be warned I’m currently prioritising this donation drive so it might take a while for me to get back at you.

DDS ka ba talaga, Chorva?

Karenita, people are hungry and dying at naghahanap ka pa talaga ng rason para mangancel ng tao? Kung may oras ka mangancel ng tao sa twitter, malamang may oras ka maghanap ng pwedeng maiitulong sa mga nasalanta unless hanggang pa-hashtag hashtag na pa-cool lang ang kaya mo? Pero sige push mo lang yan teh kung feeling mo ikakaganda mo yung makukuha mong clout.


November 14, 2020

I placed a small order of canned goods to donate as a test whether I can still purchase goods in the Philippines from New Zealand. Order was successful. I started this $1 doodle donation drive to gather more funds.

I came across a PSA to directly contact a sardines company that will sell sardines at lower prices for relief operations. I’ve sent an inquiry and I will update this post as soon as I get a response.

November 15, 2020

A company staff got back to me and gave me the go signal to place an order. I will be placing an order soon. UPDATE: I’ve placed an order for 100 cans (box) and will be writing the first report soon. Thank you all for donating so far.

November 16, 2020

Here is the first transparency report for the recent purchase of 100 cans of sardines.

November 17, 2020

2nd wave of orders, we managed to order 300 cans of sardines! That is TRIPLE the amount from the previous order. Thank you so much for donating! I’ll work hard on your requests!

Here’s the transparency report for the recent purchase of 300 cans of sardines.

November 24, 2020

3rd wave of orders, we managed to order 300 cans of sardines again! Additionally, all slots are taken thank you so much! I’ll work harder to complete those requests!

Here’s the transparency report for the recent purchase of 300 cans of sardines (again):

December 1, 2020

The remaining funds were donated to a fundraiser benefitting the families of rescuers who passed away while in duty.


February 17, 2021

All doodles have been fulfilled. Thank you for your generosity and support!