ver. 0.03 – Download (114Mb)
for Windows PC

-Patched in missing sound effects. If you find one, please report to @Chorvaqueen.
-Fixed item limit.
-Fixed an event priority list that causes strange behaviour when doing the time challenge.

What the hell is a Tonypicker?

This is a short game testing a not-so-recent update for RPG Maker MV, the Gacha plugin. Don’t take it seriously.

Try your luck pulling rare Tonio cards, collect them all and win the ultimate prize…maybe?

This game is NSFW, you’ve been warned. There’s an option to disable it if you don’t want to see the nasty.

Release log:

ver. 0.01 – 3/12/2020 – Initial release – title screen was bugged.
ver. 0.02 – 3/12/2020 – Title screen fixed.
ver. 0.03 – 4/12/2020 – Missing sound effects patched in, minor game tweaks.

Please do not do that.