Wanted to see how fast I can speedrun a live2d model from scratch so here’s the result. This took roughly 12 hours in the span of 2 days drawing + rigging.

This model is provided as is. Just basic rigging, no fancy stuff like expressions or advanced mouth morphs. Since this is a rough model, a lot of the parameters have weird stock names but that shouldn’t impact you on normal use.

Model tested and configured on VtubeStudio, can’t guarantee it will work smoothly on other tracking apps.

I’ll be updating this model whenever I have time.


  • Can be used for streams, personal use or monetised just credit me as the model creator.
  • You can change the mesh colours in VtubeStudio or any other similar apps but I can’t guarantee it will look good.
  • You can also do personal edits in other methods but do not claim the asset as yours.
  • Do not redistribute this free asset in any form, even the edits.
  • Do not use this model for offensive/illegal activities.

Fluff stuff about the model:

  • Name: Jhernalynn
  • Age: 24

Please do not do that.