TL;DR: No reposting or editing of my art in general.

On Twitter, please do not Quote-Retweet (QRT) my art unless if you need to tag it for tw/cw.

No AI/NFT stuff.

You can use my art* as your social media icon/avatar with credit.

Now here are some exceptions:

1.) If the art is a from a meme, feel free to pass it around.

2.) If you’re making a meme edit, feel free to use my works* as long as it’s not offensive or distasteful. Credit is required.

3.) Commissioned work meant for promotional purposes like posters/graphics/cd covers..etc. As long as there is no ill intention, it’s fine. This is usually pertaining to news reporting/compiling information.

4.) Now with those things out of the way, you can use SOME* of my works as your avatar on your favourite platform. As long as you credit, you’re good!

*Non-commissioned works only please! Most commissioned work are off limits in respect for the commissioner (unless they’re cool with it).

I’ve seen people print my art for their pin boards, that’s totally fine as long as it’s for personal use. As long as it’s not meant for mass production (that’s stealing and bootlegging).

Want to use my art for your videos/covers? ASK FIRST or I will DMCA your ass. I’ll probably say no if it’s for an original song because I’m tired of people monetising their originals using my art. Consider commissioning me instead.

All I ask is to not claim my works as your own or monetise it without any permission or agreement.

Please don’t come in my DMs playing coy asking me why I DMCA’d your video or post. You know what you did.


Please do not do that.