Commission Info

Standard IllustrationChibi StyleEmotes/IconsCharacter DesignLipSync ModelRules/Terms

✦ The rates above are for personal use only.
✦ 50% extra charge for detailed designs
✦ $50 commercial use fee per illustration
✦ Vocal Synth official artwork is automatically commercial use.
✦ Please read my terms on what I will not draw.
✦ You’ll receive a transparent .PNG file

SD/Chibi illustration: $50*

Add ons:
✦ $50 Commercial use
✦ $5 Extra expression edit
✦ $5 Simple background
✦ 50% extra charge for detailed designs
✦ *Personal use rate.
✦ These are limited to front-facing poses.
✦ You’ll receive a transparent .PNG file
✦ Please read my terms on what I will not draw.

Base price: $300

✦ One-on-one private chat/sketch sessions
✦ Free basic cleaned up sketch character sheet
✦ 20% discount on the next 3 illustrations you order from me
✦ Commercial rights included
✦ You are paying for my time and designing skills
✦ Please note I will not make a Vtuber model with this service
✦ Please be considerate of my time zone (New Zealand, UTC+13)
Examples of my original designs:

Basic model package: $70
✦ 1 Chibi-styled artwork
✦ Basic LipSync functionalities*
✦ Configuration+testing
✦ Personal use only
* Blinking frames, basic mouth vowels.
Add ons:
✦ $50 – commercial use fee
✦ $10 – include chin animation
✦ $5 – extra eye expression
✦ $3 – extra mouth expression
✦ $3 – extra eyebrow expression
✦ $3 – extra effects
✦ $15 – extra gesture
✦ $5 – animal ears twitch animation (2 frames)
TL;DR edition:
✦ I can’t draw NSFW/Furry/Mecha/Gore/Offensive Themes/IRL people.
✦ Prices in USD, Paypal only.
✦ No rush orders please.
✦ My works cannot be used for NFT/blockchain related activities.

Things to take note:
✦I work on commissions during my free time.
✦For reference my time zone is in Auckland, New Zealand (UTC+13)
✦If I get multiple commission requests during this period, I cycle working on them. For the sake of my sanity I do not work on a single commission in one sitting.
✦If there is no acknowledgement after 2 weeks after I deliver the final image, the commission job will enter a hiatus until I get a response. I usually ask the commissioner if they wish a final small tweak before closing the job. If a month has passed with still no acknowledgement, the commission is considered closed and I might post it under my discretion.
✦Illustration data is kept at least 6 months before it gets archived. I can’t guarantee data availability after that period.

For any questions, please contact me on Twitter.