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Standard IllustrationSD/Chibi Styleko-fi CommissionsTerms


Sketch* Lineart + Flats Fully Rendered Extras
$3 headshot + some flats**
$20 headshot/bust $25 headshot/bust $50  commercial use fee + source file.
$15 half body + basic rendering
$25 half-body $40 half-body $5 simple background
$20 full body + basic rendering
$40 full body $60 full-body $5 additional simple prop (1st is free)
*-sketch is cleaned up a bit
**-payment via ko-fi
Detailed BG/props? Ask for a quote.


SD/Chibi type: Extras:
$30 – SD Style A $50 – commercial use fee
$20 – SD Style B $5 – LipSync functionality (base pack)
$5 – simple background

Notes: Commission terms still apply.

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I encourage you to read my terms before sending a commission order, thank you.

I know this is a bit long and I have no intention to scare you, but for a smooth transaction please read my terms!

Last updated: August 5, 2020
Terms may change without further notice.



tl;dr version:

✧You fill up the commission order form
✧I accept and send the invoice
✧Pay the invoice through Paypal
✧I’ll start on your illustration and send you updates

Commission request will be cancelled if the invoice hasn’t been settled within 3 days after it was sent. Deliberate non-payment of invoice to clog the request list will result in a blacklist.


I have a right to reject a commission and I will not draw the following:

✧NSFW / R18 / Explicit themes
✧Suggestive themes involving underage characters
✧Fetish themes
✧Furry / Anthropomorphic / Realistic Animals* (ex: werewolves, fantasy human-like beasts)
✧Complicated mechanical parts or structures (Gundam-like structures, The Death Star™, Sagrada Familia)
✧Gore / Extreme violence
✧Hyper muscle
✧Offensive / controversial themes (racism/bigotry/hate symbols/politics…etc)
✧Real life people unless there is an explicit permission from said person.
✧In an established style with the intention of being a substitute. (ex: it’s cheaper to hire me to draw [insert-artist’s-style-here] than going to the original artist).

*Small animal parts like cat ears, tails, wings are OK. Simple pets like a cat is fine too (please send references as much as possible)


I only accept Paypal at the moment. Payment will be upfront.

For amounts above $100, it can be split into two payments. Pay half at the start and pay the rest upon completion.

Art usage and pricing

By default, all commissioned works are understood to be for personal use only. For commercial use, I currently charge an additional $50 on top of the job price each. Rates may be adjusted without further notice.

What falls under personal use:

✧Using the image as your avatar for your social media account.
✧Using the image on a custom one-time product for yourself or as a gift (prints, t-shirts, mugs, stickers…etc)

What falls under commercial use:
✧Using the artwork for mass-produced merchandising / print / publication / broadcast.
✧Using the artwork for branding / logo.
✧Using the artwork as an image or persona for a public figure / celebrity.
✧Using the artwork for a fund raising campaign.

Extra notes if you’re coming from the vocal synth community:
Generally, if you ask me to illustrate a vocal synth character, it will fall under personal use as people would just want some art to go along their covers/remixes.
However if you’re monetising your works that use my art through Patreon, YouTube ads, bandcamp,, and other means, that will fall under commercial use.

Commercial Pricing example:
1 SD-style A illustration + 1 SD-style B illustration= $30 + $20
Commercial use fee = $50 per illustration
Calculation: ($30 + $50) + ($20 + $50)
Total charge = $150

Bulk/wholesale pricing.
Basically if you’re ordering a bunch of things in one go and/or interested in hiring me for a long term commission. We can enter a negotiation, please contact For commercial projects, I don’t accept rev share deals sorry.

I will forward your inquiries to forexposure_txt if you attempt to get free art or insist on a rev share deal.

Price change schedule.

I might adjust the price depending on how much I’ve improved. Usually it’s every 6-12 months. I try to keep the price increase low to not shock future commissioners. However, my tips are always open so I can keep the prices low. I might also offer discounts/deals in the future so follow @Chorvaqueen for announcements.

If you haven’t been charged for a commission yet or I’m in the middle of doing your commission, I will honour the lower rate even after the price increase.

Extra charges:

1.) For detailed backgrounds, you’ll be given a quote depending on the complexity.

Example of detailed backgrounds:
✧Scenery with lots of objects/buildings. (ex: room with lots of furniture, city street)
✧Detailed tiled patterns or wallpapers/floors.
✧Any scenery that needs specific lighting effects. (ex. concert stage, cyber/technology theme)
✧If the character is interacting with the background.

Example of “simple” backgrounds (add $5 to the price):
✧Vague outdoor scenery like grassland.
✧Curtain backdrop like on stage.
✧Simple Sky.
✧Abstract shapes and colours.
✧Generally the background only serves as a simple backdrop.

Please elaborate what kind of background you wish to be drawn so I can give an accurate quote. Example: A ballpark rate for a modestly furnished room scenario would be $25-$40.

2.) Props and vehicles.

Generally, simple props are free.

Examples of simple props:

✧A sword
Sailormoon’s Moon Stick
✧A book
✧Minimal magic effects

However, detailed props will have an extra $15* fee. Ex: Cloud Strife’s swiss army knife sword.

*May charge more depending on the complexity, client must also acknowledge it might take me longer to finish the illustration.

There is an extra $5 charge for a simple vehicle.

Example of simple vehicles:
✧A scooter
✧A cart
✧A skateboard

Detailed vehicles would be extra $30* each.

What falls under detailed vehicles:

✧Mountain bike
✧Mounts (horses, cow..etc)

*May charge more depending on the complexity, client must also acknowledge it might take me longer to finish the illustration.

Self-promotion use

Once an illustration is done, I may use it to promote my portfolio and future commission pitches. Occasionally I might do art streams on commisisons. Please tell me beforehand if you wish to keep the illustration private. If the commissioned illustration needs to be revealed at a later date (weeks, months…etc), please inform me. You can also provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be signed if necessary.


Client can request for tweaks during the sketching stage such as changing the pose, facial expression or outfit detail. Client will be asked again for tweaks when flat colours are applied and will be subject to approval. There will be no more major revisions once I start rendering the final illustration. I will always ask the client if they wish a last minor tweak when delivering the final image. (example: lightening the image, increasing the saturation, slight part recolour, anything that doesn’t involve redrawing a part)

The client is reponsible for providing an informative reference image. The reference image should at least have one full body illustration and in colour. No revisions/refunds on inaccuracies caused by lack of references once I’m at the final stage of illustration.


2-3 weeks per illustration depending on the queue and complexity of the job. I do not do commissions on weekends and holidays. If you place an order on a weekend, I’ll get back to you on a business day. For reference, my time zone is GMT+12 (Auckland, New Zealand) so replies might be a bit delayed.

Usually I can finish a simple illustration per day but please understand I have real life commitments aside from drawing. Currently, I have a mild wrist injury which means I have less drawing hours. Please take that into consideration when expecting the finished illustration.

I do not accept rush commissions.


The client will be notified should there be any unforeseen circumstances that could delay the commission(s). The client is entitled to a full refund if delays are not acceptable or if my circumstances prevent me from continuing.


You can reach me on Twitter with a DM or email me at

$5-tier patrons get 10% discount on orders above $50. Join my Patreon.
Prices are for personal use only. Additional charge of $50 per illustration for commercial use.
Bulk pricing available, please inquire.