Status: CLOSED indefinitely for personal commissions.

I want to focus on personal projects for the meantime.

[Nov 2022 update:]

However, you may still privately contact me if you wish to avail my commissions, personal or for business. I’ll see if I can fit your request.

For inquiries please contact me directly:

Commission InfoStandard IllustrationCleaned Up SketchChibi/YCH/EmotesLive2D Models
I will be offering model art + Live2D rigging services in the near future.

Current pricelist:

Model type: Base price* Notes:
Full body art + full body rig 600 USD Price is for basic rigging package only.
Full body art + half body rig 400 USD Legs will be rigged as a whole section.
Chibi art + full body rig 300 USD Basic rigging package applies.
Budget PNGtuber simple rigging (half body). 100 USD Head, hair, and simple mouth movements only. Must provide your own art.

Prices include commercial use.

I currently do not offer rigging someone else’s art except for the budget tier. I will not edit someone else’s art without the consent of the original artist. Picrew/AI renders are not accepted.

Basic rigging = Head XYZ, Body XYZ, Eye tracking, Simple physics, Simple mouth tracking,

NOTE: This is not a first-come,first-served basis. I will have to closely vet clients for this job.

I will be also selling pre-made Live2D models soon, please follow @Chorvaqueen for announcements.

Advertised rates except emotes are for personal use only. Commercial use is 250% of the price.


Order Form Art QueueCommercial use means:
✦ You plan to sell products with the illustration
✦ You plan to use the image for commercial videos/streams or other activity
✦ You plan to use the image for branding purposes
❌NO to:
✦ NSFW/R18/Violence/Gore/Fetish Stuff
✦ Offensive/Culturally-insensitive themes
✦ Furry / Mecha / Extreme Muscle
✦ IRL people or celebrities
✦ NFT/web3/blockchain-related projects
✦ Imitate another art style for non parody reasons (aka I’m cheaper than the artist you really want)
contact: twitter: @Chorvaqueen

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