Art Summary 2020

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Art Summary 2020

Man it’s been a tough year.

I’ll be posting my art summaries here from now on since I got this art site this year.

If you’re looking for my old art summaries, you can find them here:

Art Summary Archives | Tonio Edition

Art Summary 2020

This seems to be the year I was pulling OLD sketches/WIPs and finally finishing them. Almost sure my Avanna piece in May was from a few years back.

My favourite piece from this chart would be Arsloid from August.

I’m getting a renewed appreciation for this guy this year. He has that silly, dorky, and energetic voice, what’s not to hate?

This is also when I started experimenting with rendering a cleaned up sketch. It usually takes me hours just to prep a clean lineart.


Art Summary 2020: Tonio Edition

2020 is Tonio’s year. Tonio stans ate good for it was his 10th anniversary.

I’ve been consistent so far in shitting out at least ONE Tonio pic per month. Some of these pieces were cutting it close (drawn on the last day).

I’m aware there are some questionable entries for this year so please do not ask for them ok 😉 😉 😉 ;).

My favourite Tonio piece from this chart would be the TON10FEST illustration. For obvious reasons this is the most effort I’ve done this year.


2020 conclusion

Unfortunately 2020 is not that great for obvious reasons but also for certain factors that has personally affected me.

It seems I’ll be carrying this awful handicap for a while ever since I got a wrist injury around late December 2019 (then got worse around January 2020).

I keep mentioning it every now and then on my personal twitter because it really frustrates me. I’m very aware my lines aren’t as precise as they used to be so I have to keep the LazyNezumi Pro app on all the time to assist my drawing.

I had to adapt, perhaps you noticed my style has become “looser” and “sketchy” over time. It’s the product of my frustration and it shows.

Anyway enough rambling.

Maybe 2021 will be a little better.

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