About me:
✧She/Her/They is fine*
✧Born in the Philippines now living in New Zealand
✧A 90’s kid I guess?
✧ENG/TGL tweets
*if you know filipino/tagalog there are a bunch of things that are also okay like kyah, teh, bh0szx

Vocaloid (Singing Robots in general)
✧Ragnarok Online
✧20-year old PS1 games that I refuse to let go
✧80s-90s music

Art tools:
Clip Studio Paint Pro
Lazy Nezumi Pro
Wacom Intuos Pro (Small)
Lenovo Legion y720

Some things to know before following my personal twitter account.
Ask yourself first, “Do I really want to follow Chorva’s personal twitter account and subject myself to her shitposts and rambling?”.
If you just want to follow me for the Art, please go to @Chorvaqueen instead.
I do not get notifications from people I don’t follow AND people who don’t follow me. Don’t waste your time screaming into the void.
I don’t accept follow requests unless it’s someone I’m familiar with, sorry.
Get straight to the point. Do not DM me with a one-liner “Hi.
✧Please learn to softblock if you wish to break mutual.
Every now and then I might post WIPs on my personal account. Ideally, please refrain from retweeting/sharing my WIPs. I’ll likely delete if it gets too much attention or if someone RT’s a post that I explicitly tagged to not RT.
I c*n/sor my tweets a lot, sorry. Usually reserved for popular topics like certain game titles, shows, or brand names.
I might tweet slightly NSFW things (Don’t worry, I won’t outright post Tonio’s dick.) Ideally, my account is 20.
Every now and then I do get political (Specifically Philippine politics). If you are an NPA sympathiser, I will mock the shit out of you.
I occasionally tweet in Tagalog. I am not obligated to translate my tweets for you and please do not harass me for declining.
Additionally, do not trust machine translation on my tweets and attempt to reply in machine translated Tagalog. I promise you, it will be awkward and confusing.

Do not interact if you’re the following:
Pro-NPA (recruiter, propagandist, member…etc)
Into lolicon/shotacon/DDLG
Actively posting/sharing extreme gore content (even if it’s drawn)
If you are a yellow fever-stricken coomer.
If you do not have a personality outside retweeting lame tumblr screencap/TikTok repost threads.

“Why did you block me?”

I use the block button liberally on things I don’t want to see if the mute function isn’t cutting it. 90% of the time it’s probably people that don’t have a personality outside posting dumb QRT survey threads or reposting tumblr/tiktok stuff OR from people who can’t softblock for shit. It’s nothing personal. The 10% of my blocks are probably from legitimately disgusting people and you really have to try hard to get in there.